I am running for a seat on our City Council because I believe my experience can lend a much-needed perspective to local decisions.

I’m the oldest of eight children, and the product of a dedicated public servant mother, hardworking father, and an inspiring stepfather who serves our nation in the armed forces. Currently, I serve the educators and students of Idaho through my work with the Idaho STEM Action Center.

The opportunities I have been exposed to have been outstanding- from top-tier education to world-class recreation. But I found myself getting frustrated trying to connect my passions with the work being done around our city. At one point, I considered moving away to chase opportunity elsewhere- and I’m not the only one. Many of my talented and involved friends are going to places where they feel their talents could be more valued. Before too long, something clicked, and I began to wonder, ‘If so many of us are leaving, what does Boise have left?’

So, I have made it my mission to address this question. We all want to feel connected to the place where we live, and if some people don’t believe they can connect here, it is time to build some new pathways. I have already begun working with various stakeholders in our community to create this new structure.

I am an Idahoan, born and raised. I have had the immense privilege to graduate from both the Boise public school system and from our backyard university. At Boise State University, I studied a little bit of everything, ending up with a BA in French, Sociology, Economics, and Gender Studies. As a student, I worked to educate my peers through my work in University Housing and at the Women’s Center (now the Gender Equity Center). The research I conducted with the Intermountain Social Research Lab gained international awareness, and I was selected as a Human Rights Delegate for the San Francisco French Consulate. In this position, I had the opportunity to discuss and navigate the nuance of global human rights.

I have benefitted so much from of our community. I look forward to hearing your input and giving back to our city on our City Council.